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Highly Advanced Alienish Type Being

(The Doctor. Just... the Doctor.)

The Doctor
5 July
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Yes, just the Doctor. No, I don't have another name. Yes, I know some people call me "Doctor Tyler" or "John" or some ridiculous variant, and that's what it says on my passport. But trust me, I'm the Doctor.

"Tyler" is because I'm married to Rose Tyler (the one on the right with the lovely blonde hair, and can be found at rose_m_t, if you want to say hello). She's rather brilliant. Very brilliant, in fact. I don't know why I didn't marry her ages ago!

Well, I do, but it's very complicated and seems a bit ridiculous these days.

Anyway. I'm a detective in strange and mysterious things. Rose and I have our own detective agency: tylersquared. If you have a case for us, comment and tell us here!

It's not a bad life. Even if I have to be careful Torchwood doesn't find out I'm a 900 year old alien who's sort of half-human these days, with more knowledge than the rest of the planet put together; and I have to watch out for alien hunting conspiracies trying to work out how exactly I get my hair to look so brilliant (and more sinister stuff, of course).

And when I'm not saving the universe and having fun with Rose (both of which take up most of my time, particularly the latter), I have several... projects to work on at home.

Just don't mention the automatic dishwasher to Jackie...

Friending Policy

I'll friend anyone, as long as your name isn't Jackie Tyler and/or you have no plans on destroying the world/the universe/dominating humanity/hurting Rose. Just drop me a comment or a PM!

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